Strategic Sourcing

Case Study : Leading UK hotel and restaurant group required rapid cash savings to offset significant drop in top line revenues due to 2008/09 financial crisis. Utilised numerous strategic levers such as volume bundling, supplier consolidation, downgrade/alternation of specifications (i.e. fit for purpose), outsouring and supply chain redesign to achieve over €25m in annualised savings.

Emerging Procurement Market Sourcing

Case Study : Achieved €33m savings (11%) by implementing a Global Sourcing Strategy, with focus on Eastern Europe, for a leading white goods manufacturer. Key driver for savings was the significant enlargement of the client‘s EPM vendor base, with more than 100 suppliers selected from 12 different countries

Logistics Sourcing

Case Study : Delivered a €24m (8%) annual save by optimising road transport processes for leading player in the process industry. Key activities were to reduce supply base from 1.500 to ca. 600 logistics partners and define and implement a new centralised organisation to coordinate local demand at a European level

MRO Procurement

Case Study : Delivered €2,5m (12,5%) reduction in annual MRO (maintenance, repairs and operations) spend and embedded improved procurement structures and processes for leading player in the aluminium industry. This included the introduction of spend control & compliance management tools and processes to ensure extraction of the full benefits from the unified, national & international contracts

Redesign to Cost

Case Study : Carried out a ‘redesign to cost’ exercise for a leading logistics systems and equipment manufacturer and reduced the cost of a high-tech forklift cabin module by 15%. Key levers to achieve the savings were the redesigned cabin and in-sourcing cheaper components and processes from more competitive suppliers

Retail Returns Management

Case Study : Utilised a cross-functional client/consultant team to design and implement best practice returns handling processes for a leading UK retailer. Implemented successful change management programme to ensure Head Office and Operations buy-in and reduced the company’s net returns costs by 75%.

Supply Chain Review

Case Study : Conducted a supply chain review for a leading UK book retailer to increase staff customer-facing time and improve overall productivity. Analysed ‘as is’ store handling and IT processes, designed ‘to be’ processes’ and developed business case to support required changes. Plan successfully implemented by in-house team.

Reverse Logistics

Case Study : Developed the business case and implementation plan for a ‘closed loop’ reverse logistics chain for a major UK retailer. Successfully managed the end-to-end process from the systems architecture to implementation and delivered the project on time and on budget.

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