Rapid Strategic & Operational Diagnostic

Case Study: Working for a leading high street retailer facing mounting losses we developed a highly prioritised six-week process which identified the burning strategic and operational issues that the business had to address in order to repair profitability resulting in an agreed high-level roadmap to deliver the urgent initiatives

Corporate and Business Unit Strategy

Case Study: Working with a leading retailer we developed a new business unit strategy covering their North American service and distribution business which created radical new insights into what was driving customers buying behaviour. This resulted in broad management alignment behind the plan and the re-orientation of every aspect of the business over the following multi-year planning period to focus on quality and customer service. The business subsequently enjoyed a radical increase in customer retention rates and profit growth.

Customer Insight

Case Study: Working with a leading automotive company we developed a new customer insight programme which combined diagnostic interviewing techniques to test hypotheses about the drivers of customer behaviour, with quantitative high volume research to prove them. In this way we helped the client to gain a new level of insight into customers which was directly linked to the key investment decisions the firm was about to make.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Case Study: A leading media and entertainment business had rising customer churn and was unsure of the underlying causes or options to respond. In a rapid 6 week diagnostic we identified the real drivers of churn in their core products and developed a practical implementation plan to address which the client enthusiastically implemented over the following 24 months, resulting in a radical 20% improvement in churn and major revenue benefits.

Revenue Growth

Case Study: A global media-telecom and internet business was facing rising customer churn and falling profits. We used our revenue growth diagnostic tool to identify the underlying issues and opportunities to address. We developed a revenue growth roadmap covering both process-related and customer-driven interventions to reduce churn and increase profitability.

Implementation Strategy

Case Study: A major public sector organisation was tasked with coordinating the implementation of a massive cost reduction programme covering over 4000 independent organisations. We helped to develop an innovative collaboration model that made it easy for organisations to work together and developed an overall roadmap to support implementation across the many organisational boundaries.

Strategic Partnerships

Case Study: Working for a major automotive OEM with outdated products but booming domestic demand we developed a radical modernisation strategy centred on the creation of two major strategic partnerships with established global players. This strategy was adopted by the business and led to the creation of the two partnerships and a multi-$bn transaction.

New Market Entry

Case Study: A European manufacturer was keen to expand into a new country but had failed over many years to find an appropriate partner for acquisition. We profiled the market, structured negotiations with a short-list of targets and developed an overall business plan for the process which was adopted by the client.

Transaction Support

Case Study: Working with an emerging market OEM we led the target profiling and due diligence process to find an Eastern European partner including commercial, technical and financial due diligence and senior stakeholder management in the target country public and private sectors.

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