Lansdowne Oktoberfest Event 2011 in the “Käfer Wies’n Schänke”

5th October 2011

Following the enthusiastic feedback from last year’s Oktoberfest corporate event, we were pleased to organise the 2011 "Lansdowne Wies'n Event" for our clients and team.
Sunshine and summer-like temperatures allowed us to hold the event under perfect conditions. Kicking off in our Munich office with traditional white sausages, Bavarian pretzels and...

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Lansdowne Oktoberfest Event 2010 in the “Käfer Wies’n-Schänke”

4th October 2010

This year Lansdowne once again held its popular Oktoberfest event in the "Käfer Wies’n-Schänke", coinciding with the 200 year anniversary of this internationally acclaimed festival. Over 20 guests began the day in Lansdowne's new office at St.-Anna-Platz with a traditional Bavarian white sausage brunch. Afterwards the festivities shifted to the Oktoberfest...

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Lansdowne Oktoberfest Event 2010 in the “Weinzelt”

20th September 2010

Following the enthusiastic feedback from last year's Oktoberfest corporate event, we decided to organise an additional event this year and invited 30 guests to join us on October 19th at the Kuffler Weinzelt. Accompanied by sunshine and summer-like temperatures, the event began midday with a traditional Bavarian brunch in the Weinzelt. ...

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Lansdowne arranges informal Kearney alumni Christmas event

8th December 2009

Lansdowne partner Simon Dorris has arranged a get-together for ex-AT Kearney colleagues to renew old friendships and celebrate the festive season. It is a regular annual event which is valued for its low-key informality and regularly attracts a lively crowd intent on catching up with old acquaintances and making new...

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