Turkey, the right time to invest

13th December 2012

On November 5th, after eighteen years, Fitch Ratings upgraded Turkey’s rating to investment grade. As a result, we expect an influx of additional foreign capital entering the market. The Financial Times of London expects this to reach $100bn. This will boost the already strong Turkish economy. We have been active in...

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Lansdowne insight series continues with ‘State-building – what works?’ A paper exploring a new implementation approach for solving the central challenge in development and government reform

9th December 2009

As a result of recent contributions, the debate on how to do more effective development seems to have reached two conclusions: first, that the key to sustainable improvement in developing countries lies in strengthening weak institutions, and second that working out how to actually do this is tough - indeed the challenges of implementation...

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Lansdowne Launches Automotive Insight Series with – ‘ Chrysler: The real story is how to turn the business round – not who is reaching for their checkbook’

4th April 2007

The first in a new series of Automotive Insight papers focuses on Chrysler's future, that the roadmap to turn round Chrysler can be constructed by developing a compelling proposition for core customers - and that recent sell-off speculation will likely result with DCX selling a majority stake, but holding onto...

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Lansdowne Launches Media and Telecom Insight Series with – ‘The Convergence Rule Book: How to compete in the new marketplace’

13th June 2006

The first in a new series of Media & Telecom Insight papers focuses on how the long awaited tide of convergence is at last sweeping aside the barriers which have traditionally protected businesses across the sector. The result is a dramatic increase in the intensity of competition and radically different...

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