“Lansdowne exceeded our expectations and delivered a result that we had neither the resources nor the expertise to achieve ourselves.”

Finance Director
UK High St. Retail Group

“The Procurement review is firmly on track to deliver £25m of savings with a benefit this year of at least £20m. In addition, the work of our combined team has made significant improvements to the motivation and skills of our team, sophistication of our buying, processes systems and procedures used in our buying, forecasting, tracking and reporting of our financial information, governance controls policies and ethics of our purchasing functions, management information and forms of contract we use and the reputation of our firm. We look forward to seeing you to discuss our strategic review and options for moving forward.”

Commercial Director
Leading Hospitality Group

“Lansdowne rapidly won the respect of management at all levels, grasped the complex issues facing our businesses, and cut through this to produce practical and detailed solutions.”

UK High St. Retail Group

“Lansdowne are committed and professional experts. You showed real concern during the challenging periods of the project and supported us to get through them. We established a clear understanding between us from the beginning and this helped clarify deliverables and required resources. I believe that our whole team learned a lot working with Lansdowne during this important project.”

Commercial Director
European Oil & Gas Company

“A unique blend of customer led insight and business model thinking, delivered in a client friendly manner.”

Retail Group

“Excel at bringing clarity and pragmatism to some of the most complex commercial issues.”

President and CEO
European Media Telecom Group

“…the most incisive retail strategists I have worked with. Combine a rigorous analytical approach with innovative insight into customer needs and behaviour to produce genuinely valuable results.”

Group Strategy Director
Leading Food Retailer

“An excellent piece of work which has clearly defined how costs can be saved at the same time as improving customer service.”

Commercial Director
International Retailer

“Provide deep-rooted retail and consumer insight, with innovative & creative twists on how to play.”

Executive Chairman
UK Retailer

“Have clearly defined the key levers for our business units to focus on and the targets they have to aim for.”

Chief Executive
Food Retailer

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