Lansdowne bridges the execution gap to turn good ideas into great performance

We are an independent strategy and management consulting firm with offices in London, Los Angeles, Munich and Tokyo. The Lansdowne difference is based on our integrated strategy and delivery approach, world-class team and absolute results focus.

Lansdowne combines in one team the ability to work with both the board to develop the strategy and the line management to deliver it. This enables us to reconcile strategic objectives with real-world constraints to produce implementation plans that are both commercially astute and achievable. Our aim is to deliver not recommendations but bottom-line results.

Lansdowne utilises a flexible model to bring together the right people for the team. We carefully select the best people for each job, mixing seasoned consultants, industry executives and client staff. Our consultant team is composed of internal staff and a core of over 100 top-tier consultants with whom we have long-term work relationships and who share our delivery commitment. We complement this pool with our hand-picked network of industry executives and functional experts who provide project specific support.

We have an absolute focus on results because our business and personal reputations depend on the success of each engagement. This is why senior partners take hands-on leadership roles in all of our work. It’s also why the majority of our projects are repeat engagements with satisfied clients – a testament to the success of our results-oriented approach.

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